At Scott Beall Fit, Strength Builds The Foundation.

Based in Denver, Scott Beall of Scott Beall Fit, believes that the foundation of fitness is Strength.  If a person isn't strong, they simply aren't fit.  The good news is everyone can be strong!  As you know, increased strength leads to more muscle. More muscle leads to a fired-up metabolism. A boosted metabolism leads to a shredded, toned body - who among us doesn't want a killer body?

Do you want to hike, bike, and ski better?  Strength is the Solution!  Do you want to experience better health?  Strength is the Solution!  Do you have weight loss goals that need fine tuning?  Strength is the Solution!  Current research is proving to us over-and-over that strength is the missing key to great health. 


A Strength Program for the Individual Who's Ready to See Results.

The Scott Beall Fit program focuses on the five foundational movement patterns which have been found to elicit the greatest strength gains. These five movements hit every major muscle in your body- Your chest, shoulders, biceps, triceps, forearms, traps, lats, core, glutes, hamstrings, quads, calves, and adductors. To build strength, we increase the weight a small amount (2.5 - 5 lb total) every time we perform a movement.  For instance, if Mike deadlifts 255 lb for 8 reps today, he will deadlift 260 lb the next time. But for this to be effective, Mike must lift with proper form and technique to avoid injury.  With the Scott Beall Fit program, whether you want a one-on-one or a semi-private session, either can ensure that you are performing each rep with great form to get great results.  Let's do this, together!


  01. SQUAT

The King of all Exercises!

A movement where a person Squats their butt down below parallel and then drives up to a standing position.

  02. PRESS

Building Boulder Shoulders.

The barbell is Pressed up from the shoulders until the arms are fully locked out overhead.


  03. BENCH

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More Mass, More Gains!

Executed while lying on a Bench.  The lifter lowers the barbell to his chest and then presses up until the elbows are fully locked out.



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Some Whine, Complain, and Quit.  And Some Deadlift.

      To Deadlift, the barbell is lifted off the ground to the waist, then lowered back down.