Helping Others.



I wanted to do something meaningful…

I wanted to do something meaningful.  I wanted to help change peoples’ lives. 
Something that would make the world a better place.

Working as an industrial engineer just wasn’t doing it for me. 

I felt bored.
I felt isolated.
I felt uninspired, and wanted to impact people's lives.

So I left.

I moved on to a career in personal training where I could directly impact people's lives. 

I had found my purpose.

Initially, I worked at 24 Hour Fitness for three years, and later joined the Colorado Athletic Club for five. 

I've had the opportunity to train everyday folks as well as a number of unique individuals (multiple former Division One athletes,

a Denver Bronco’s wide receiver, the son of a Denver Nuggets player, and Hollywood actor Jeffrey Donovan).

Once I achieved a high level of expertise, I moved on from the Big Box gyms to create a local,

more personalized experience for men in Park Hill and Stapleton.  Scott Beall Fit was born!


I have noticed a pattern…

Through the years talking to men about their history, I have noticed a pattern.  When a person goes through college (we’ll call him Jack), he is usually pretty active.  Jack works out, plays sports, and is in pretty good shape.  Often his primary motivation for working out is to attract a mate.  He wants to meet someone attractive, so Jack works hard on being attractive himself.  Then he graduates from college, moves on to a career, and is making good money.  Perhaps he later gets married and has a couple of kiddos.  Life is going well for Jack.  For a while.  Until one day he looks in the mirror and notices his body.  “Damn, I used to look better than this.”  As life got busier, his workouts became less and less frequent.  So his health and fitness declined.  Jack has softened in the belly, lost muscle tone, and isn’t happy with his appearance.  He’s wearing baggier clothes to cover himself.  Discomfort arises when going to the pool or beach.  

And now, because Jack is not happy with himself, he doesn’t show up as his best self.  He doesn’t care for those around him as well as he could.  He doesn’t speak with as much confidence at work.  He is taking fewer healthy risks than he used to. 

Jack needs something that will boost his confidence.  Something that will get him out of this rut. Something that will help him become more alive!   Because if Jack gets on this path, he will feel incredible again.  He will garner respect from his peers.  He will show up as a breath of fresh air to those around him.  And, his partner will be drawn to his happy spirit.

I love helping people in this kind of situation.  And that is why I started Scott Beall Fit!

They become a better version of themselves- focused at work, flowing with creativity.

They become a better version of themselves- focused at work, enjoying sports, and becoming kinder to loved ones.

I use my barbell training experience to help individuals gain confidence, believe in themselves, and become alive!  Without exception, every person I train is surprised at the amount of weight they are able to lift.  And when a person gets stronger, their limiting beliefs about themselves lose their power.  The voices that tell them, “You can’t do this,” fade.  Now they think to themselves, “I can do this!” “I have got what it takes!”  They become a better version of themselves.  They’re focused at work, flowing with creativity.  The people they manage are happy to follow their lead.  And because they feel better about themselves, they are showing up more loving to their partner.  They are playing with their kids more.  And who doesn’t want to create space for their children?

As a strength trainer, I am honored to be a part of this process.  Few things give me more joy than seeing a client discover new strength within themselves!


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The S.B.F. Mission

"To make Denver strong."
Starting first with men,
and then with women,
so the two of them,
can pass it on to their children.

Scott Beall Owner, Master Trainer and Dad
“Together, we get strong!”

Scott Beall