My Ideal Client

Clients who benefit from us the most and with whom we work most effectively have the following characteristics:

1. Professionals Who Value Personal Development
Our clients are professionals who strive to improve themselves and get more out of life. They understand that personal success comes from having a healthy mind and body. Unlike many, they make their health & fitness a priority.

2. They Have a Positive Outlook on Life
Our clients are solution-oriented! They believe they can achieve their goals. They believe they can be strong, healthy, and happy. They want to have a positive impact the people around them.

3. They Want to Gain Confidence
While our clients are typically high achievers, they still have room to grow more confidence. Many have spent a lot of time and energy on their career/family and need to get strong and fit again.

4. They Know They Need Accountability
Our clients know they need scheduled time with a professional to keep them accountable to their goals. They know that without the financial investment, their workout sessions wouldn’t be consistent year in-year out. They trust us as professionals to get them strong & healthy.

5. They Aren’t Satisfied With Their Current Gym
Our clients are frustrated with big box gyms that are overcrowded, noisy, and impersonal. They feel like they are just another number and desire a personal touch. They want a supportive, encouraging environment where they receive one-on-one coaching and mentoring.

6. They Aren’t Satisfied With Their Current Routine
Our clients see the value of investing time/money into their health & fitness, but aren’t getting the results they want. They know they need help from a professional achieve their potential.

7. They Are Willing to Make Sacrifices
Our clients are willing to WORK HARD, spend the necessary time, and make the financial investment towards getting strong & healthy. They lead busy lives, but make training a priority.

8. They Value Strength
Our clients are aware that to be healthy, they must be strong! They know that getting stronger improves all other aspects of fitness - endurance, stamina, speed, coordination, balance, agility, and power.

9. They Value Our Relationship
We care about the people we train and want to see them succeed in life! Our clients know this and value the relationship we have.

Scott Beall