Recent testimony...

“Hey Scott, just want to let you know I’m moving to Nashville next weekend. I truly can’t thank you enough for helping me get confidence and strength back. From our first phone call last September, I am down 30 lbs with increased muscle mass and still motivated to do better!

You gave me the confidence to trust my bad shoulder for the first time since the surgery ending my D1 swim career 4.5 years ago. As great as it is to be in the 1,000lb club, doing a working set of 135 lbs on shoulder press sticks out the most to me because that gave me my confidence back.

You’re a great trainer and an even better person. If I ever hear of someone in the Denver area looking for a trainer or to build strength I will immediately refer you! Best of luck to your Buckeyes this season. Thank you for everything Scott!

-Jack B.

Scott Beall